where pain ends.... health begins
where pain ends.... health begins

Using a specific X-ray system and gentle vibration by this machine we align your head and neck over your shoulders without possible twisting or cracking of your neck.

The alignment of your spine is of the utmost importance. The nerves that your spine protects controls all the different organs and muscles of your body

At Atlas Family Chiropractic we offer gentle effective care for the entire family.

As a society we are overfed and undernourished. Whole Food Supplements can give us the nutrition we need as it compliments a proper diet and adequate exercise.

We teach you why your having the problems your having, and how you can prevent them in the future

Kids need Chiropractic too. Birth can be a very tramatic event. Babies respond amazingly to Chiropractic adjustments. I have seen my own kids eat and grow so much better with Chiropractic Care.

We offer quality, affordable Massage Therapy that compliments our Chiropractic services perfectly.

We offer Doctor Supervised Weight-loss programs to meet your goals and help you reach your true potential.

Why Atlas Family Chiropractic?

Brain to body messages are a must for healing. Trillions of nerve fibers carrying these messages from the brain to the body "bottle-neck" through the small opening in the first bone in the neck (the Atlas) as they flow down into the spinal cord and out to every cell in your body. If the head and neck are not in proper alignment, it can cause spinal cord irritation at the point where the head and neck join, and disrupt or distort vital brain messages to any part of your body. This can cause countless health problems and pain anywhere in the body, including organ dysfunction and other conditions that you would not normally relate to a problem originating in the top of your neck

As the father of five boys I have been blessed to see how Chiropractic care can improve and relieve symptoms in adults, children, and even in infants/newborns. Problems like headaches, torticolis (wry neck), low back pain, and bed wetting are a couple examples of things that can be solved with specific Chiropractic care. I am grateful for Chiropractic care in my own life, and have seen the benefits time and time again. When pain arises and it gets you down, call us first. Most certainly there is a time and place for medical care and support; however I have found that Chiropractic is a non-invasive way to give the body a chance to heal on its own. In our office my goal is to spend the time required to listen to your problems and together create a plan that helps you get out of pain quickly and affordably. If one so desires I am here for nutritional support and can answer other health related questions. However, if I don't know the answer, I'm not afraid to tell you, "I don't know". It is my goal that we work together to reach your full potential  

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